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Seller Information:
P.D.WorkShop( PhotogenicDesignsWorkshop ) MIRA IDO
1-12-9 Arai,Nakano,Tokyo JAPAN

E-mail Address:
Contact Person: Natori Satio

Handling Charges:
Shipping / Handling fee included in item price.

We can wait one week (If your paypal acount has some trouble after your ordering.) Let me know please.

How to Order:
I highly recommend you to make your PAYPAL/Alipay account before you place an order.
Please MAKE SURE if your PAYPAL/Alipay PAYMENT HAS BEEN FINISHED after your backorder.
We will wait one week after this email(your backorder).
If you have some troubles, please Email us.
If your PAYPAL/Alipay payment was not complated, we cancel your backorder automatically.

1)You backorder items.
2)You receive a confirmation mail.
3)I wait your PAYPAL-money-transfer for one week.
4)I email you shipping information ASAP after confirming your money.
5)We chat shipping scadule if we need.
6)I ship to you your items.

Delivery Time:
A.S.A.P after confirming your money.
About 5 days (U.S.A,Asia)
About one week (United Kingdom,Europe)
About 2 days (JAPAN Domestic)

Payment Method:
PayPal , Alipay

All sales are final.